Shira Ein-Dor - Owner and founder

Shira Ein-Dor specialize in Bella contour, Lipomassage, Endermologie, Vela Shape, TriActive, Endermolift and Laser hair removal.

arrived in New York from Israel at 26 with dreams of becoming an actress. While pursuing her on-screen ambitions she worked in the fashion industry and as a makeup artist. While dressing high profile actresses, one thing became clear; to be an actress, the physical body was just as important as the body of work.

A constant thread of conversation included the latest ways to slim and achieve flawless, tight and toned skin. While many actresses practice a rigorous work-out regime, the real secret was Endermologie. Shira began researching treatments for herself- the martial arts training and other forms of exercise worked great at slimming, but weren’t targeting the dreaded c-word: cellulite.

After a few treatments, Shira saw immediate results and was hooked. She saw the endless possibilities of how far she could go with her newfound passion. She opened the American Cellulite Reduction Center in 2003 and set her sights on this new venture.

The American Cellulite Reduction Center is unique from other establishments because it features the latest machines and advances in cellulite. The newest of those include BellaContour. This new machine is the only FDA cleared machine to claim the results of circumference reduction is long lasing if weight remains stable. This exciting new technology is often combined with other treatments like LipoMassage™Integral by Endermologie for incredible results.

The customer service driven staff further their education and train under national advisors. They often correct bad surgical procedures such as liposuction and other invasive options. Shira believes that there is no need to go under the knife. By understanding how the body works she and her staff create customized treatments for each client and combine a variety of their treatment modalities to ensure the best possible results for the client.

“When a client walks in and asks for the latest, trendiest treatment, I want her to know it’s not about the machine,” says Shira. “It’s about her and her condition. We start with the person and we tailor each of our services to meet her needs. That is how you get the best results.”

Sandra Mendez Esthetician & Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Having worked as an Endermologist since 1994 in both spas and plastic surgery offices, Sandra Mendez is one of the longest practicing endermologie technicians in the country. Considered an expert in the treatment of cellulite and skin care, Sandra is often sought after by magazines and media outlets for her opinion and advice. Sandra is a licensed cosmetologist, tattoo artist and electrologist as well as being certified in Velashape, Bella Contour, Laser hair removal, Eyelash extensions and make up.

Agata Bogdanska Esthetician

photo-5 is a dedicated skin care therapist specializing in facials, non-surgical facelift, chemical peel as well as endermologie, lipomassage, Velashape, Bella Contour for fat and cellulite reduction. As a professional, she is committed to providing her clients with the highest standards of customer service to be found in the industry.
​Agata's passion for skin care and beauty started at an early age. A native of poland, her thoroughbred upbringing and training schooled her in the sublime European art of skin care that can result in skin so smooth dust won't stick to it. Her continued passion for beauty care eventually led her to a prestige school.

Diem Truong, L.Ac Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Diem Truong is a Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist. He received a four-year Master's of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine (M.S.T.O.M) degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Diem is also licensed in massage therapy and has completed certification to perform Facial Acupuncture protocols of the Mei-Zen cosmetic technique for facial rejuvenation.

He comes from a long tradition of practitioners. His father practiced for fifty years and owned an Herbal pharmacy in New York's Chinatown for the past twenty years.

Having been around Herbs since he was born & surrounded by Chinese medicine while growing up in the U.S., gives him a unique perspective from which to translate alternative approaches to health and well-being to the layperson. Diem is honored to continue his family's tradition of healing. He feels that the addition of Western diagnosis and modalities further enhances and expands the options for treatment strategies, all the meanwhile honoring the traditional concepts. This synergetic approach ensures that he will be able to carry on the tradition into the 21st. century.

Tatjana Garibaldi, Nutrition Consultant

Tatjana is a nutrition coach with passion for helping her clients create a joyous relationship with food and body. She is a graduate of Cornell University and received her nutrition coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
Tatjana brings 15 years of personal experience with a wide variety of dietary approaches including vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic, raw food, gluten-free, body ecology, paleo and Chinese dietary therapy. She developed detailed insights into the benefits and limitations of these eating styles. Every diet has an effect, but is it balancing or further unbalancing for you? One of her biggest lessons was that the most important factor when choosing a diet is to understand the eater.
Tatjana’s interests include tai chi, astrology and she is an enthusiastic gardener. Her favorite cooking style is simple, quick, practical and tasty. Besides English, she is fluent in Slovak and Czech.