Bella Contour

Bella Contour treatment is pain-free. It delivers immediate,
clearly visible and long-lasting results:
a more sculpted appearance, tighter skin, reduced cellulite and reduced
circumference measurements.
Bella Contour, offers the ultimat body contouring and sculpting experience – non-invasive, painless, cellulite reduction and measurable circumference reduction that delivers real results from the very first treatment

The Bella Contour advantage

Non-surgical body contouring, which is also known as body sculpting, has become increasingly popular in recent years. Patients can reduce cellulite, get rid of pregnancy fat and gain tighter skin, reduced wrinkles and smaller circumferences, without diet or exercise.

Bella Contour offers a more effective, longer-lasting cellulite and circumference reduction, and a more pleasant experience, than plastic surgery, liposuction, laser-based approaches and crèmes.

Looking great takes time and effort. Following a healthy lifestyle, exercising and dieting are all vital. But, often, stubborn fat stays right where you don’t want it – around your
abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and other all-too-obvious places. Now you have a new world of options. With easy, painless Bella Contour body contouring treatments, you can target
exactly the areas of your body where you want to slim down, and achieve a trimmer-looking, more contoured figure – with near-immediate and long-lasting results. You can get rid of pregnancy fat, reduce the circumference of target areas and reduce cellulite

Bella Contour, offers the ultimate body contouring and sculpting experience – non-invasive, painless, cellulite reduction that delivers real, measurable results from the very first treatment session.

How Does Bella Contour Work?

  • High frequency, low-intensity ultrasound stimulates fat cells to release the fat cell content (lipids) without rupturing the cell membrane.
  • Electrical current fields help lipids leave the cell by increasing cell permeability without damaging the cell membrane.
  • The released fat is absorbed in the surrounding tissues, where it enters the blood stream into the lymphatic system.
  • Gentle lymphatic therapy through vacuum massage helps transport lipids into the bloodstream by locally increasing blood flow in the treated area.

*Based on its unique REAL™ (Resonant Amplification of Lipid Metabolism) technology, which utilizes a combination of three proven technologies – resonant ultrasound, electrical
current fields and lymphatic drainage – Bella Contour provides a proven safe and effective solution for fast, targeted body contouring in common problem areas, such as the abdomen, “love handles”, buttocks and thighs. The treatment stimulates the fat cells, causing the fat inside them to break down into lipids, FFA and glycerol, and be released and then eliminated as part of the body’s natural metabolic process.Unique technology combination enables effective circumference and cellulite reduction. In a typical treatment
session, resonant ultrasound and electrical current fields are applied simultaneously for approximately 40 minutes.

Safe, Assured Body Contouring

Bella Contour treatment is pain-free. It delivers immediate, clearly visible and long-lasting results: a more sculpted appearance, tighter skin, reduced cellulite, reduced
circumference measurements. The Bella Contour body contouring system is FDA-cleared and
CE Approved and has been on the market for more than six
years. More than 5000 people around the world have been
treated with Bella Contour, with outstanding satisfaction rates.
The vast majority – 92% – of people achieve circumference
reduction of at least 4 cm (1.57 in) after completing the course
of treatments.

Shira Ein-Dor

Shira Ein-Dor

A recent interview about Bella Contour with Shira Ein-Dor, owner of American Cellulite Reduction Center:

Q: Shira, can you share a little more about what makes Bella so different?

“Bella Contour has completely changed the way my practice works — it’s the first time I’ve seen lasting results. There’s no maintenance: they do several weeks of treatment and if they continue a healthy lifestyle, the cellulite doesn’t comes back.”

Q: How Does Bella Contour work?

A: “It’s a 40-minute treatment using ultrasound, electrodes and lymphatic drainage. It empties the fat cells and the body burns the fat as an energy source. If you work out afterward, you increase your result by 50%.”

Q: How many treatments are needed?

A: “For weight-stable clients, we recommend 5 treatments per leg, which includes buttocks. Obviously we customize each treatment based on client’s weight and fat ratios.”

Q: How much does Bella Contour cost and when do clients see results?

A: “Average cost is $3400, and the results are permanent if weight is stable. There is no other ongoing maintenance. We treat one leg completely before moving on to the other, and take measurements—not just before & after photos—so clients are seeing proof of inches disappearing. “

Q: What makes Bella Contour different from anything else?

A: “ 1.) The results are long lasting.

2.) there’s no damage to fat cells, and

3.) it’s non-invasive and painless.

Lastly, clients see a major difference in only 2 weeks.
Imagine dropping clothes sizes… getting into your old favorite
jeans… achieving a more defined silhouette in a swim suite… Bella
Contour can help you shape a new reality that fits your goals.

40 min $350

4 sessions $1240

8 sessions $2250

Leg & Butt
5 sessions $1500

10 sessions $2800

20 sessions $5000 *Best Value*