Cosmetic Tattoo

Micro pigmentation is not only an excellent way to have makeup that stands up to both swimming and deep sleep. Its also been used for many years to bring back confidence for those suffering with alopecia and Parkinson’s disease as well as bringing back familiar body image to those who’ve undergone mastectomy Cosmetic tattooing is used to replicate and enhance the face and body’s natural features. Cosmetic tattoo, or permanent makeup,  is used to make your natural features appear to be fuller and more clearly defined, revealing a naturally beautiful you.

Becoming more and more popular among thousands of people who are searching for a reason to save time, money, and headaches associated with applying makeup. The quick and relatively painless procedure is not as bad as it sounds. The whole procedure will be done before you know it you will thank us every morning when you wake up with perfect makeup.

Eyebrow -for people experiencing fading, thinning, or loss of hair from the brows.
Hair stroke eyebrow
Lips – Correct uneven lips or add fullness, minimize appearance of wrinkles, or add full lip color
Beauty mark
Correction to others work
Areola replacement (nipple)- following breast cancer and breast augmentation surgeries.


Eyebrow: $425

Hair stroke eyebrow: $450

Eyeliner: $325

Lipliner: $425

Beauty mark: $75

Areola replacement (nipple): $950 per procedure

Correction of other work: case by case

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