Nutrition Coaching

There are many ways to eat healthy. The key is to understand what works best for you. But with so much contradictory nutrition advice out there, how do you determine what is right for you?

For many of us, eating has become stressful, confusing and frustrating. Should you go vege-tarian. gluten free, vegan, macrobiotic or raw? Could you benefit from eating meat and how much? Is fat harmful or useful for you? The world has become obsessed with diets and meanwhile all you really want is just to feel good, look good, be healthy and have the energy to fully enjoy life. Eating does not have to be that complicated.

At the ACR Center, we want to help you succeed so you can worry less about eating and focus more on living the life you want. Our nutrition coach will give you the time and atten-tion to understand your goals, obstacles and your unique situation. She will guide you on your journey of discovering a way of eating that gives you energy and supports vibrant health. She will help you to navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice to deter-mine what changes are necessary for you.


When you are ready, you can choose from the following service options:

Initial consultation This is your very first meeting with the nutrition coach. We will spend time discussing your unique situation. We will clarify what you envision for yourself and take a look at the obsta-cles you face. You will receive up to three recommendations and gain greater clarity on how to move closer to reaching your personal goals. This is also a chance for you to meet and experience our nutrition coaching style to help you decide if working together is a fit for you.

Individual sessions

If you’re already comfortable with your food choices but may have some areas where you run into obstacles or fall short of reaching your health goals, then an individual session or two may be for you. We will meet for an hour and focus on your goals and concerns. You will receive personalized attention and recommendations tailored to your needs.

6-week nutrition coaching intensive

If you’re ready to take a leap forward with your food and your health, then the 6-week nutrition coaching intensive is right for you. We’ll meet for an hour each week for six weeks. We will focus on your needs and goals that may include breaking the sugar habit, tackling cravings for junk food, clearing up your skin, finding healthy meal options you can prepare at home or using food to boost your energy. You will receive personalized advice about health-supportive foods and lifestyle habits.

During the 6-week intensive, you will learn:

Week 1

  • How to stabilize your moods and energy levels with food
  • Breakfast menu options
  • Tips for improving digestive balance

Week 2

  • How food can add to your stress levels and how you can minimize that stress
  • Lunch menu options
  • How to boost your antioxidant levels with food
  • Critical nutrients vastly missing in today’s diets and how you can get them

Week 3

  • A close look af food cravings
  • Dinner menu options
  • How can you improve the quality of your sleep with food

Week 4

  • Fats demystified
  • Snack menu options
  • Addressing obstacles you’re encountering along the way

Week 5

  • Probiotics – their benefits and food sources
  • Sauces and spices – options to make your meals more interesting
  • Varying your diet by season

Week 6

  • Ways to boost your immune system naturally
  • Check in your goals
  • Stategies to keep your focus goind post-intensive

Plus, each week we will address questions that are specific to your goals and needs.

So, are you ready to create the body and health you want?

We would be delighted to help you succeed.

60 min $135
6 sessions $690